Why do Plants get Mislabeled – and How to Identify your Houseplant

There are many reasons why your houseplant might be mislabeled; it could be a lack of knowledge on the part of the shop, but more commonly the answer has a lot to do with marketing.  This marketing is apparent in a couple of different ways.  Often a grower will label a plant based on a “common name” or nickname.  Other times a plant may be labelled with a brand-new nick name, made up by the grower or seller in order to move more product.  These names might be cute or funny, but they make it very difficult to learn how to care for the plant you’ve just purchased.

So, that leaves us questioning what it is we have bought, and unfortunately plant ID apps are not always extremely helpful.  The easy solution to discovering the true identity of your plant is to look up the label you were given and see what appears.  Unfortunately, this is not always a solution either.  One of the best solutions, other than doing extensive research, is to reach out to a local houseplant group online and see if anyone there is able to help you. 

The more plants you acquire, the more information you take in, the easier it becomes to identify your plants for yourself.  By looking at the petioles, the leaves, the growing patter, and the stems of your plant you should, with time and experience, be able to know what it is you’re looking at. 

Everyone Gets A Yellow Leaf

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