Crispy Leaf Tips

Who would have thought that watering your plants would so be complicated?  One of the many common struggles of plant ownerships is crispy leaf tips. These are incredibly common on prayer plants like Marantas, Calathias, Stromanthes, and Ctenanthes.  In most cases, this is from the metals and chemicals often found in tap water.

Some people find that distilled water or rainwater are the only solutions to prevent these crispy bits entirely, but others find that filtered water offers a more convenient and easier compromise.  The important thing is that whatever water you decide to use, ensuring that chlorine and fluoride have been removed from your watering source is important.  These chemicals aren’t able to be processed by your plant and as a result the ends of your leaves die and crisp up. 

At the end of the day, crispy lead tips won’t kill your plant, it’s just aesthetics.  So, if filtering water is too much of a hassle, or if the crispy tips don’t bother you, then don’t worry about it.  Plants will hardly ever look perfect, as long as they make you happy then that’s all that counts. 

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