How to Deal with Houseplant Pests

Houseplant pests have become the bane of my existence (dramatic, but also true).  There are days when I stare at now empty pots while I spray wilting and yellowing leaves with pesticides and insecticidal soaps, BEGGING for those little bugs to die instead of my plants.  I have pruned my sad Calathea and sadder AlocasiaContinue reading “How to Deal with Houseplant Pests”

How to Re-Pot for a Fuller Plant

Sometimes houseplants grow to be sparce, or unstable, or a little strange looking.  This can often be fixed with a repot.  You can rearrange the stems of hanging plants quite easily – planting them closer together or more centred in the pot; you can easily create a fuller looking plant this way. So, if yourContinue reading “How to Re-Pot for a Fuller Plant”

Soil Additives

There are many different products that you may choose to add to your houseplant soil mix.  What products you choose and how much you add really depends on your houseplant’s individual needs.  This article isn’t going to be a thorough guide on soil for each individual plant, but it will overview some of the additionsContinue reading “Soil Additives”

Crispy Leaf Tips

Who would have thought that watering your plants would so be complicated?  One of the many common struggles of plant ownerships is crispy leaf tips. These are incredibly common on prayer plants like Marantas, Calathias, Stromanthes, and Ctenanthes.  In most cases, this is from the metals and chemicals often found in tap water. Some peopleContinue reading “Crispy Leaf Tips”